There is no easy way to deal with the loss of a loved one,

There is no easy way to deal with the loss of a loved one, to lose your best friend that has been by your side for many years can leave a big empty hole in your heart. Losing a child or a family member can be devastating, left with many heavy feelings, feelings of despair, anger, shock and numbness, even abandonment and guilt, feelings that are so hard to bear can cause us to shrink into an emptiness that is filled with pain and sadness especially at this time of year, when the feelings of loss can be heightened by memories of Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. That you have shared in the past. The loneliness can for some be unbearable, I think of those who have a heavy heart, with grief and pain, Who do not believe in a spirit world, and I wonder what could I say to lift their hearts especially those that have carried grief for many years shrouded in the pain and sadness, fearing to let go of all they seem to have left, deep sadness, pain of loss, frozen in grief of time, unable to heal or move forward, refusing to think or feel passed memories of joy or love, fearing that it may be too painful. I would like with all my heart to say to them, let go, let go, let the tears flow, release the pain, it is natural to grieve, it is the only way to heal, do your best to keep your heart open even though the heaviness of heart that  covers your joy like a cold mist, let go and heal. They have not gone, they are not dead, they are alive and well, think of them well, reach out with your love, and joy, remember the wonderful moments you have shared, the moments that meant so much, open your heart and feel the beauty of life, think of the precious memories that have touched your heart, think of all that is good and real with the relationship that you have shared, they are not far away, It is not my place to tell anyone not to grieve, of course it is part of the healing process and it is natural to Grieve. Your grief can be felt and shared by your loved ones and can be just as upsetting for them, they do share your pain, and understand how you feel. Healing takes place on both sides, but heavy emotions block communication and make it difficult for you to feel their presence, and it is difficult to feel that they are safe and well. Your loved ones who have passed into the spirit world can and do give you inner feelings that they are well and close, reassuring you that you are not alone, it is difficult to move through the pain of loss, but when you do, and begin to feel the joy of life once again in your heart, you can once again connect and feel the loving presence of your loved ones you miss so much, memories can flow from them to you and you can smile and laugh with love knowing that they are well and with you. This is when the healing of grief has taken place, and what you think of as death, cannot separate life, that feeling of separation and loss is replaced by a true feeling of presence and your loved ones can continue to play a part in your life, until you meet again and feel the familiar love and joy that never was actually lost. There are no words that can bring your loved ones back, but there is a true understanding that can heal your pain, and help you to come to terms with your heart felt loss, there is a spirit world were your loved ones are and fully alive, a world that shares the same space with you and  is so close to your  heart Your Loved ones feel the same heartfelt grief as you do, and still feel the love that they hold in their hearts as you do, the difference is that they feel it by Your side.


Paul Malachowski


Blessings to you

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There is only one true happiness in life,

To love and be loved.

Love gives purpose to life,