I first enjoyed the company of spirit children as a child, playing in the garden and enjoying games, this seemed to be quite natural to me. My Connection with spirit changed as I moved into my early teens and did not return until I was about 28 years old. I found great interest in the spiritualist church and spiritual development. Sitting in a development circle for a number of years helped me in my mediumship and my interest in healing and therapy. I enjoy serving the spiritual church and serving spirit, It’s not just that we work with spirit, it’s the fact, that Spiritualism bring to the world a simple truth, there is no death, such a truth can be liberating and release us from fear. To bring two Worlds together, is such a great joy. To know that Our Loved Ones are living and well and they are with us, and can help us with support and Love. This truth gives great comfort; when we come to fully understand that Spiritualism is.....

In its true form, the light within each human heart, reaching forward to touch another, based upon, love and compassion, Knowledge and understanding. Such a realisation opens the heart to experience life in its fullness.



It has always been natural for me to embrace the spirit world,    

Spiritualism :  

Working Towards Global Peace,

Love and Unity In The  World.

What is that wonder?

A recognised truth, that there is no death.

The very foundation of spiritualism is communication with the spirit world, when our two worlds come together and communication takes place.

With clear evidence that our loved ones are alive and well, there is a deep knowing that it is natural to us all, we truly come to understand.

There is no death. The job of a medium is to prove that, and they do, in some cases very well, the evidence is amazing.

Mediums such as Helen Duncan, Emma Hardinge Britten, Estelle Roberts, Gordon Higgenson and Doris Stokes.

They were great pioneers in the understanding of spirit, that there is no death, many more spiritualists through the ages had a natural ability to

communicate with the spirit world. Spiritualism is a science that addresses one of the most asked questions throughout humanity,

what happens when we die?Spiritualism addresses this question with a strong foundation of truth, because it is based upon proven facts that can be demonstrated.Spiritualism has a rich phylosophy that embraces truth, and is open to life on every level. Spiritualism understands unity and oneness,

that we are all connected by the true nature of spirit.There is no religion in the spirit world, no politics, no hierarchy, and no boundaries, that separate us from each other. The physical world that we perceive as real, Is just an illusion, of which we will come to understand when we pass over.That the realm of spirit is the real world.Such is the truth that there is no death, that it has the power to change the very world we think as real.

It is a fact, if we are to have a peaceful world, a world that is based on love not hate, we need to overcome the fear of death and loss.

The truth that there is no death, will, liberate us from the ignorance of fear.



There Is something Wonderful About Spiritualism

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On A Planet That Is Harmonising And Supporting Your Hearts Dream.

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