Sea Peace Dove

Spiritaulist Medium

Paul Malachowski

Spiritualism Is .....

Hhat We All Share .....

Spiritualism :  

Working Towards Global Peace,

Love and Unity In The  World.

R Dove

Spiritualism  Is

In Its True Form:

The Light Within Each Human Heart.

Reaching Forward To Touch Another Spirit

Based Upon

Love and Compassion,


Knowledge and Understanding.



What we all share

One Precious earth, The breath we breathe, The rain that falls, The deep blue sky,

A bird that sings, A tear that falls, a moment in time,

A piece of hope, and the gift to Love, but the greatest Joy to share is the unity with each other,

the power of spirit,


One loving Creator,

Paul Malachowski Spiritaulist Medium

There is no greater gift on this earth then you.

When you can understand that

You will understand the gift you have to give.